March 31st Belt Testing

Every 4 months Grandmaster Lim has promotion tests for his students. It is a time for all of his students to show off their hard earned skills in front of their friends, family, and peers. Beginning in December of 2017, Grandmaster Lim decided to also share the testing experience with anyone who wanted to take a peek. It is our pleasure to present you with the first 2018 testing video for the promotion on March 31st. We hope you enjoy!


New Website

Hello and welcome to the first post of our redesigned website! Bringing in 2018 we want to move the Dojang into a more digital space and hence we wanted to redesign our online experience to give more value to our students and followers. Along with our new website, we will be testing various different services. What you can expect:

  1. Online Payments
    • We are happy to announce that we will begin processing payments very soon. We just need to test our systems before allowing students and parents to pay for monthly tuition, monthly and one time contracts, uniforms, jackets, and equipment
    • We will also be testing charging testing fees online if we have good traction with the new payment system.
  2. Online Event Registration and Updated Calendar
    • We want to make it easy to remember what events are coming up. Whether it is belt testing, upcoming parties, or cancelled classes, we want everyone to have easy access to the Dojang's schedule. We will also be experimenting with allowing users to download and bookmark classes directly to their own calendars from our site.
  3. Classpass Integration
    • Classpass will be another method that adults will be able to use to drop into our morning boot camp classes. Users of Classpass will be able to reserve spots online through our website or through the Classpass system prior to attending our class.
  4. New Email Newsletters
    • Staying in touch with the community is something we know we can improve on. We will be doing our best to get out our newsletter on a timely manner. What kind of schedule would work best for you? Let us know in the comments below!
  5. Improved Photo Sharing Online
    • Sharing the accomplishments of our students is something that we feel very strongly about. Students work very hard to refine their athleticism and martial art skills and we understand that family members want to share those accomplishments with family, friends, and other loved ones. For this reason we will be working with professional photographers and online sharing techniques to ensure that those attending belt promotion events will get the best photo of the students enrolled in the class while staying attentive to the testing.
  6. Suggestions?
    • We want to work better with every member of our community. If you have suggestions or recommendations on what we could do better, please let us know!